Indicative Keynote speakers

Georges Kremlis, European Commission, DG Environment, "Circular Economy in the 7th EAP"

Igor Nikolic, Delft University of Technology, "Multi-model ecologies for Industrial Symbiosis"

Jori Ringman-Beck, Confederation of European Paper Industries, "The paper industry experience in industrial ecology and symbiosis"

Malcolm Bailey, Visiting Professor in Engineering with Sustainable Resources in the Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, "Second &Third Generation Industrial Symbiosis….What would it look Like?"

Maria Loizidou, National Technical University of Athens, "Industrial Symbiosis as a tool for sustainable development"

Martin Andersen, Smart City Denmark, "INDUSTRIAL SYMBIOSIS 2.0 - when scarce resources spur innovation and collaboration"

Michelle Green, Smile Resource Exchange, "Influencing change in SME’s – An Irish Case Study"

Milda Basilyte, European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD)

Murat Mirata, Linköping University, "Many shades of industrial symbiosis: Where is your focus?"

Antonis Kokossis, National Technical University of Athens, Large-scale development of Industrial Symbiosis networks: technology and application paradigms

Nikolaos Koudounis, President of the Association of Greek Industries of Sterea Greece

Stig Yding Sørensen, Danish Technological Institute, "Waste as a resource"