The Conference aims to address the significant issue of utilization of the generated industrial waste through the promotion of effective technologies and safe practices. The Conference focuses mainly on industrial symbiosis, the sharing of services, utility, and by-product resources among industries in order to add value, reduce costs and improve the environment. Industrial Symbiosis should be considered as one of the solutions to be addressed to achieve more efficient processing, resource and energy efficient systems for the process industry. It aims to stimulate the interest of scientists, industries and associations and inform them about creating economic and environmental value through interfirm collaboration. It hopes to contribute to moving towards a near-zero waste society, which not only has an environmental rationale, but it increasingly becomes a factor of competitiveness.

The Conference will provide an opportunity to bring together scientists & professionals from industries, industrial associations (food, textile, metal, etc), government departments, Municipalities, private institutions, research & education institutions, being a forum for the exchange of the most recent ideas, techniques & experiences in all areas of effective industrial waste management and utilization. A special workshop (in Greek with translation in English) will focus on the use of the eSYMBIOSIS platform on 19th June 2014.